SoundTrack™ – The Art of Listening

It’s a straightforward principle: high customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores lead to greater brand recognition and build customer loyalty, which strengthens your competitive edge. In the highly competitive customer contact industry, nothing consistently boosts CSAT scores like high first call resolution (FCR).  For most companies whose contact centers are not a core competency, achieving consistently high FCR can be elusive.

PlusOne Communications’ industry-shaping SoundTrack is a unique process that lets you hear every voice, enabling you to understand the reasons for each unique and repeat call. SoundTrack uses an exclusive speech analytics process to capture, analyze and resolve specific needs voiced by your customers. It enables you to overcome the challenge of analyzing the massive amount of call data you capture each day and turn it into actionable information.

The SoundTrack process features:

  • TrackOne™, an exclusive, customized software and service package configured to your unique specifications
  • A fresh, new four-stage operational process developed through decades of hands-on contact center experience.

Through the TrackOne streamlined user console, you receive detailed information on everything from why your customers are calling to which calls are most likely to result in callbacks and what your customers are saying about your competitors. What’s more you can easily identify what parts of the call process require improvement. This enables development of a targeted training and coaching approach, empowering your customer service reps to consistently excel.

Whether you deploy SoundTrack™ managed services using your workforce or SoundTrack LIVE!™ contact center services using the PlusOne workforce. SoundTrack ensures your customers will enjoy superior service, while your company achieves unprecedented operational efficiencies and realizes a significant return on your investment.


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