TrackOne – LIVE!

Customers expect their products and services to work. When this does not happen, customer support should always come to the rescue, however, the job does not stop here. Customer’s should trust that their voices are being heard and that organizations are actively addressing pain points that may one day affect them.

As a leading customer support business intelligence provider, PlusOne ensures that outsourcing support does not mean creating a digital black hole or that your customer’s voices are not being heard. PlusOne uses the latest technologies to listen to and analyze 100% of their conversations providing you with unsurpassed business intelligence.

Through PlusOne’s comprehensive solution, deployed at a PlusOne facility, your company can dedicate more resources to your core competencies. Deploy TrackOne LIVE! as an end-to-end contact center solution. You’ll gain unprecedented knowledge about specific call drivers and workforce performance.

With TrackOne LIVE! PlusOne will:

  • Provide a professionally trained workforce 24/7/365
  • Offer a fully managed IT platform including switch and network hardware
  • Provide full integration of the state-of-the-art TrackOne platform
  • Deploy a quality assurance team for survey monitoring
  • Deliver comprehensive daily call process flow reports
  • Provide comprehensive analysis reports and recommended improvement reports

PlusOne allows your customers to enjoy improved service while elevating positive brand recognition across your footprint. You will see a significant and quantifiable return on your investment.


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